3 x Asian Popcorn

January 9 has been declared popcorn day! Besides the fact that we actually think it is always popcorn day, we still like to pay some attention to this day. We made 3 delicious popcorn toppings, all in Asian style. We chose Furikake, Wasabi and Red Curry and we would love to share these recipes with you. It's so easy, you can hardly call it a recipe. Spice up your movie night this week with these 3 delicious variations! 

The base of the popcorn is the same for all three toppings, which keeps it nice and easy - we love it. Of course, you can just open a bag of salty popcorn, but we "popped" our own popcorn this time and it has so many advantages. Your popcorn is fresh, warm and your toppings stick better. Your house smells great AND it's just a really fun activity! 

You will need:

- sunflower oil or coconut oil 
- Corn kernels for popcorn (about 30 grams for 1 serving)
- high pan with lid
- bowl 

Put a layer of oil in the pan and turn on the heat. Throw in 1 or two kernels of corn and put the lid on the pan. Once these start popping put the rest of the corn kernels in the pan and again put the lid on the pan. Watch your popcorn pop one by one. Such a fun sight and sound. The lid may rise slightly due to the volume of the popcorn. Wait until almost all the popcorn is popped and turn off the heat. Now you have your basic popcorn! Now scoop the popcorn into one bowl. Be careful, because of the oil this can be very hot!

Furikake Popcorn

Take your basic popcorn and add a teaspoon of oil or melted butter. Also sprinkle about 1 or 2 tablespoons of your favorite furikake - this is ours - over the popcorn. Hoss and serve! 

Wasabi Popcorn

Take your basic popcorn and add a teaspoon of oil or melted butter. Sprinkle about 1 o2 teaspoons of Wasabi powder over the popcorn. Hoss and serve! 

Red Curry Popcorn

Melt a tablespoon of butter in a pan and add a tablespoon of curry paste. We used this curry paste from Patak's. Fry this briefly for a few minutes. Take your basic popcorn and mix it with your curry paste. The butter and paste will make this popcorn a little sticky, so serve with some napkins! 

Make sure you make enough, because everyone will want a second (and third and fourth) round! 

By the way! On our Instagram account @asianfoodlovers, you'll also find a cool video of the recipe! That way you can also take a peek at how to do it again! ;-)